View Full Version : Anyone else seen "The Killing Joke"? Spoilers inside.

Rand al'Fain
08-04-2016, 01:08 PM
Mark Hamill reprises his role as Joker and Kevin Conroy is back as Batman.

The actual Killing Joke part of the film is done pretty well. Though, Bats does off a couple of midgets...

But the first, half hour or so, just doesn't work. For a lot of reasons. For one, it feels like a completely different show than the rest of the film. It just doesn't mesh well.

Next, it gives the distinct impression that Barbara only became a masked vigilante to get into Bats' pants. Rather than giving a great character her due, and making what Joker does to her later more impactful, it makes her rather one dimensional.

Finally, BrucexBabs. Where have I seen this before? Oh yeah, end of Batman Beyond in the DCAU. Guess what the series and film have in common.

Bruce Timm.

The relationship wasn't popular then, and it's not popular now. Barbara was pretty much always the on again/off again interest of Dick Greyson. Not Bruce Wayne.

Even then, the relationship came off as awkward and unneeded. A more standalone Batgirl story would have done her far more justice, like one portraying her strong relationship with her father.