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Isabel 07-18-2012 10:38 AM

Amsterdam meet up 19 and 20 january 2013
HI all,

In this thread I will post information about the Amsterdam meet.

When: 19 and 20 january 2013
Where: Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Saturday 19 January:
- Meeting up and talking about WoT :)
- We are probably going to go sightseeing in Amsterdam. What we are going to do depends on the weather and the budget of people.
- Saturday evening: Depending on the number of people we migt eat pancakes at Dai and YKS place.

Sunday 20 January:
- Sightseeing in Amsterdam.
- Depending on the weather and number of people, we might go to Utrecht in the afternoon to eat at my place.
I was planning to eat 'Gourmet'. Also known as making your own meat. This also depends on the number of people and there might be a small contribution necessary.

Who is coming:

-Dai Shan
-yks 6nnetu hing
- Gonzo

Thinking about it:
- Purble Dragon
- Figbiscuit
- Tomp
- Nazbaque

Travel prices:

Looking at the prices, you can probably travel to Amsterdam between €80 and € 200. Herebelow are some examples about Airtravel.

Air: (For example Easy Jet) (prices on 29 july)
-London € 82.55 (euro)
- Belfast: € 75 (euro)
- Edinburgh EDI € 85
- Glascow : €75
- Liverpool: € 75
- Newcastle: € 75
- Prague: € 75
- Rome: € 70
-Stockholm - Eindhoven NL - Ryanair: € 112

I can imagine you can also go by Bus or by Train. I am planning to update this list every month or so. If there are extra destinations you want me to look at let me know.
Above destinations where on Easy jet and Ryan air.

Isabel 07-29-2012 01:34 AM

Information about Amsterdam
Hereby some tourist information about Amsterdam:

January in Amsterdam is imbued with an unmistakable post-holiday calm. Visitors are free to alternate between the outdoor chill and the cozy, climate-controlled indoors; brisk walks around town are a treat on clear days, and when the wintry climate loses its appeal, travelers can find respite from the cold in museums, cafes, restaurants and more. The city is as tourist-free as ever this month, but even in the off-peak season, Amsterdam still offers a full calendar of fantastic events and activities, from yearly events to memorable once-offs. Seasonal perks, from ice rinks to koek-en-zopie stands - the catch-all term for rink-side refreshments - are also in full supply; don't miss cold-weather staples such as stamppot, oliebollen and more before the warmer months roll around!


Airfares and hotel rates are at their lowest in January, as companies try to attract customers with competitive rates

The tourist crowds are also at their yearly low, so January visitors have the run of Amsterdam's popular museums, attractions and more

January is a top month for sales in Amsterdam, with discounts of up to 70%; clothes horses will love the combination of the semi-annual sales with another semi-annual phenomenon: Amsterdam Fashion Week (see below)


While winters in Amsterdam are not especially harsh, expect cold temperatures and precipitation (mostly rain; snow is infrequent) - see January Temperatures & Rain below

January Temperatures & Rain

Average high: 40F (4.4C)
Average low: 31F (-0.5C)
Average precipitation: 2.7 in (69 mm)

Figbiscuit 08-13-2012 04:51 PM

If I came I would fly from Manchester, or even better Leeds / Bradford. Liverpool would also be doable.

Isabel 08-13-2012 11:27 PM

Ok, i will look up those prices too. :)

Isabel 11-16-2012 01:14 AM

*Bump* the meeting date is getting closer, so let me know if you can come or if you are definite.

jarno87 11-26-2012 12:45 PM

Oh, I should definitely look more often on the site here. I'm seeing this now for the first time, and I'm surely interested to be there.

Unfortunately I can't promise anything yet, as the date is very close to the end of my graduation project. This either blocks my agenda directly or by not enabling me to read aMoL before.

Isabel 11-26-2012 01:01 PM

It will probably be a small meet now ;) Send me an email Jarno and i will add you to the mailinglist.

Powerslave, PD and Naz: can you let me know if you are still coming? You are the only foreigners interested.

Unless some other people are still interested?

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