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Terez 08-16-2012 11:54 PM

I just gave that chapter a reread a few weeks ago, and picked out a few more lines and tweeted about them. It's hard to see how a Gray Man can be relevant for Elayne in the end game. She won't be killed by one.

Hugin "Poppa" Cauthon 09-07-2012 04:56 PM

I didn't read every post because Felix's novels on page 2 kind of broke my brain in a tired sort of way. So, apologies if i'm being redundant or rehashing something already resolved.

On the topic of Egwene gentling Rand, I was struck by the wording used in this moment that I just read in TSR, chapter 6:

Originally Posted by Egwene, talking about Rand
I will be gentle with him, Elayne, but before I am done, he will know he is free. Whether he wants to be or not. My mother says men are different than us.

It's a totally different context, but we know how picky/tricky RJ could be with the specific language he used.

Kiruna 05-03-2017 05:05 PM

It is Rand and his impossible pipe, guys. Maybe some of you didn't realize that.

GonzoTheGreat 05-04-2017 08:44 AM

It could also be the plant covered hills around what used to be the Pit of Doom, which resembles the plant covered hills that Egwene kept returning to for some reason.

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