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Tamyrlin 07-31-2012 12:17 PM

TDR: Ch. 23 - Melting the Ter'angreal

TITLE: Dragon Reborn
CHAPTER: 23 - Sealed
"Had I done as I should," Alanna maintained, "it would never have happened. The only time I have ever seen anything like it was once years ago when we tried to use a ter'angreal in the same room with another that may have been in some way related to it. It is extremely rare to find two such as that. The pair of them melted, and every sister within a hundred paces had such a headache for a week that she couldn't channel a spark. What's the matter, child?"
Loony thought: considering the timing, and Alanna's story, and Verin's odd reaction to not sharing the notes...did Verin know Egwene was to be tested at that time? Was that an attempt on Egwene's life by the Black Ajah?

GonzoTheGreat 07-31-2012 12:25 PM

Maybe it was just the Pattern trying to get rid of her. That'd be understandable, wouldn't it? :p

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