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Random Man 09-07-2013 04:42 AM

WoT spinoff set in the First Age!
Thought I'd post an invitation as I hadn't seen one yet on Theoryland yet from the GM of the page. So here's the pitch as posted on


Anyone else want to know what happens after the Last Battle?

Anyone else obsessed with wondering what awaits us in the coming Ages?

Anyone wonder about the elusive Age before the Age of Legends? A time of Nym, Portal Stones, Heroes, ancient Talents, war and Channelers?


I've been a huge fan of the WoT for 15 years, and writing WoT fanfiction for 12 years, and am excited to announce the grand opening of a play-by-post RP site set in The First Age -- the Age before the Age of Legends.

You are invited to play a reborn 'god' - the channelers of the First Age, an Atharim - the distant descendants (or ancestors?) of the Aiel, a prophet with abilities to foretell the future, a wolfkin, or other classes of character.

We are set in 2045 at the beginning of the First Age -- the Age of Awakening -- shortly after the rebirth of the first channeler, a man named Nikolai Brandon who is being used by the Wheel to drive the Pattern back into balance. Massive changes await the world, especially when World War III looms on the horizon.
This RP board currently has 30 members and is growing, check out its Facebook page as well -- The First Age -- or follow on Twitter. Anyone who is serious about play-by-post role playing, this is seriously not an opportunity to be missed. Plus there's already a great core of fantastic writers on board.

Check us out and have some fun!

Random Man 09-16-2013 07:30 PM

Lol forgot the web site. My bad.
I realized I never put the link up. Whoops. It's The First Age Seriously. Check it out if you're up for some RP in a world with a great framework built around it while the plot is largely driven by the players through the characters they're playing!

Also the GM is awesome with the awesome sauce on top. Really.

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