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Seeker 03-24-2014 08:52 PM

Questions for Brandon. (Spoilers).
Spoilers! Spoilers! You have been warned.


1) How much time, in Earth years, has passed between the events of Elantris and the events of Way of Kings?

1 b)(Putting this one here because it's very important) Would Nightblood consume stormlight while on Roshar? Or would it still consume Breath?

2) Do Rosharans age at a slower rate or is the Rosharan day shorter than an earth day? (Given that a year on Roshar is 500 days, Adolin, who is described as being 23, would be closers to 35 in Earth years. And yet he acts like a man in his early 20s).

3) With the possible exception of Scadrians during the Final Empire, can humans from different shardworlds interbreed?

4)In terms of physical distance (lightyears), which shardworlds are closest?

5) How technologically savy is Hoid? Would he, for instance, know what an FTL drive is or understand concepts like special relativity.

6) Did the desolations begin before or after Odium was trapped in the Greater Roshar System?

7) Assuming it's possible, if a Scadrian Allomancer had a child with a Nalthan Awakener, could that child have both the talent for Allomancy and a BioChromatic Breath?

8) Is Vivenna still alive by Words of Radiance? (Probably a RAFO but worth a shot).

9) Did Feruchemy exist before the Shattering of Adolnasium? (How does Hoid have the talent when it's genetic?)

10)Does Hoid have access to any Selish magics?

11) Is there a way to reverse the Shaod and turn an Elantrian back into a normal human?

12) What happens to an Elantrian if he is taken too far from Elantris? Will he revert to the half-formed state with splotchy skin or will he become a normal human?

13) Why doesn't Miles see images of his past self when he burns gold restore his health?

Sarevok 03-25-2014 05:21 AM

The obvious answer to 9(b) would be Hemalurgy. :)

I'll try to think of some more questions later. :)

Seeker 03-25-2014 12:17 PM

14) How does Vasher survive on Roshar without anyone to replenish his Breath?

Seeker 03-25-2014 12:22 PM

Hoid is a full feruchemist not a ferring. That makes Hemolurgy impossible because it would require seventeen different spikes throughout his body and would leave him completely under Sazed's control. That's not something Hoid would be willing to consider.

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