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Let's speculate:

1. What is scene involving Olver that is endearing, tragic, breaks your heart, logical, inevitable, no one will see coming, that most people might find humor in, AND represents the price of victory AND has a big reveal associated with it. What could this be???

How can it be all of these things?

2. Speculation on how Moiraine's rescue will play out? SOME aspects at least are predictable and happen as expected. Jason does state he loved everything to do with it and it left him wanting more.

Now . . . knowing what I know about Jason's personality and sensibilities this seems to rule out any outright weird or outrageous outcomes like Moiraine being turned into a man, another person, Black Ajah, missing a limb, etc, etc. Him "wanting more" seems to suggest either the rescue is not complete or she may not be totally with it (comatose?) or has not yet had a chance to interact with anyone such as Rand or Nynaeve or Lan, etc. I'm guessing she will at least have some sort of interaction with Thom and Mat unless she is completely unconscious.

I would even go as far as to speculate that ToM leaves us with them still in Ghenjei were it not for Jason's assertion that the end of the book sees all the "good guys" gathered and ready to go which implies that at least Mat, Perrin, and Rand are together again.