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Originally Posted by Terez View Post
I was talking to an oldtimer from rasfwrj a couple of days ago about her signing reports, and one of the things I asked her was why the fandom thought that LOC seemed like 'half a book' (this question was asked a few times on the LOC signing tour). I told her I thought that was odd, since LOC is a fan favorite these days. She went on to say that she felt like RJ started to slow down with TSR, and that TDR was his best book, so tightly-plotted, etc. I've heard that opinion before from some of the oldest WoT fans. Anyway, I mentioned to her that the fan favorites these days are generally 4-6. TSR is my favorite just because all of the major characters do something awesome in that book, some of them quite a few awesome things. It's probably the biggest development book of the series - a lot of stuff was set up then.
Half a book? The thing is a bloody brick! LOL. More thanenough happens in LOC to keep even the most ADHD fans happy, imo. But again, biased.
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