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I asked Brandon about this, and here was his reply.


Feel free to post this response from me.

"I stand by everything I said in those interviews; I did not make any miss-steps. However, there is one big misinterpretation. Terez says that I was asked by Team Jordan to be more secretive. That's not the case. There was one time when Harriet asked me to be more secretive, but that was in regards to spoilers about TofM when I was working on it, and she felt (rightly) that I was hinting about too many things that would come in the book.

I have not settled, and do not intend to settle, this debate except in regard to the things placed specifically in the books. The Geekdad interview response is primarily talking about my own reactions as a reader the first time I read specific scenes, long before I saw what was in the notes. At that point, as a fan, my view of the books shifted.

Those views may have shifted again while looking at the notes. I have not said, and will continue not to say, what was in them on this point. There are clues in the text. That is always the way it has been, and I think that is sufficient for this conversation. However, I can explicitly say there was no "Team Jordan order of silence" on this particular point. In fact, there have been few (or none) of those except in regards to spoiling surprises for the books not yet in print. I prefer to keep it that way, which is why I generally ask interviewers to run my interviews past Team Jordan for clarification, and so that they know what I'm saying and can steer me if I do happen to stray into areas best left quiet."


I'm fine with the fact that Brandon does not reguard his comments to have settled this debate, since nor do I.

Nor do I reguard it to have particularily shaded the argument. Brandon thought the manifestation of Lews Therin was completely unrelated to madness when he was a fan, the notes changed that but he will not say how. Since my theory (the Real Madness Theory), actually requires that the voice be the result of the taint and the basis of Rand's mental instability, I'm good with that.

You Constructionists don't own madness or delusion, you know. It's presence doesn't lend weight to your argument--Semirhage was quite clear. That the manifestationd of a past life voice is real means nothing. The descent to terminal insanity occurs just the same.

Oh, and Terez, it was via email.

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