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Default Mondadori bookshop in Rome - 19 may 2004

This is the translation of the report made by one italian fan after meeting Robert Jordan for a Q&A session in a Mondadori bookshop in Rome, Italy.

The original can be found here.


Today ad 18.15 I arrived at the Mondadori bookshop near Fontana di Trevi, Rome (Italy). I asked for directions and I went to the café area while waiting for Jordan's arrival. At exacly 18.30 Mr. Jordan came in, together with his wife, with Sergio Fanucci and Valeria Ciocci [the translator of the italian version of WoT books, at least until the 5th book]; the evening started after a few minutes.

First of all, Sergio Fanucci gave an introduction both "pro domo sua" and for Jordan's sake; afterwards, Jordan himself answered the questions of the (few...) fans which were there, while the priceless Valeria translated.
Many questions were asked; out of the ones I remember, I will especially quote my ones.
I asked him where the phonetic choice in the naming of characters, names, places came from, given that they are so "unheard of"; he replied that for some of them he got his inspiration from american "mithology" (...), as with Nynaeve which is the name of a really existed historical figure, while for other ones he created them out of nowhere, trying to keep consistent.
I them asked, as (plot-wise) the 4th book is clearly different for the three previous ones, if it was planned or if it just happened; he answered that it was planned.
Someone else asked if while writing the Aiel he got his inspiration from Herbert (re: the native inhabitants of Dune [the Fremen people]); he answered that it was not that, that the real source of inspirations is the Cheyenne people, originally shepherds and forced to became warriors and to flee into the desert when the white man came.
He was asked which one of the characters he prefers; he answered "noboby in particular", and that he'd like to be like Lan, but that he's more similar to Perrin, while his wife said that for what concerns her, he is Loial ...
Someone else asked if he reads in his free time, and what kind of books, and if he reads fantasy books; he replied that he reads anything, and fantasy too (but not while he's writing! else he gets angry if he reads things he could have written better) and he gave some names (Pratchett, Key [sic] ...).
Last question I remember, as his characters are so well defined and rounded, if he got his inspiration from real persons or if he studied psychology; Jordan replied that he never studied psychology (if his father teaching him to play poker can be excluded...) and that he doesn't write his character after real persons, but that he tries to make them as real as he can, even the ones that only appear for a few sentences, trying to keep them consistent.

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