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Default Off-screen Rand and an alternative timeline

As requested there is now a linear summary here

If anyone wants to follow the links and connections then the original big and clunky spreadsheet is still in place.

I have now started a running list of queries and inconsistencies at the bottom of the spreadsheet.
Any suggestions, additions and comments most welcome.

There's been some confusion with the various timelines in TOM. Like other people I've wandered what Rand was up to off-screen and how exactly Mat's timeline works.
I've looked at Steven Cooper's chronology, and some others, but there are too many unknowns for anyone to come up with a definitive answer. Still, I thought I'd try my own version.
Now, there's no point in duplicating work so I thought I'd approach it differently - I've worked it out backwards, ie. starting at the FoM and in a different format.
After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing I have a timeline which agrees in most respects with Steven Cooper (well, apart from the last 2 books anyway)

Rather than following characters, my attempt is set out geographically for each PoV. Some interesting things have been shown up - Rand's off-screen activity in TOM in particular.
If you're still with me, then take a look here, at the bottom of the spreadsheet
I've never used Google docs before, so I don't know how well this will work, or whether you'll be able to see all the text - please let me know if it's unreadable.

I don't suppose this chronology is any more accurate than other people's attempts, I'm sure there are plenty of mistakes and clues I've missed.
And, please bear in mind it is unfinished and a working copy, though I have added a key at the bottom.
(I'll be very happy to hear from anyone spotting errors, missing references etc).

Anyhow, back to Rand.
BS has stated that the clouds clear around Rand, as opposed to the girls (ToM book tour 16 November 2010 WH Smith, Paris, France - Jonathan B. reporting - Avi section).
So, all I've done is to connect the dots as it were, patches of sunshine, ta'veren visions, comments from the girls etc. - just follow the thin black line.
Note - the entry for Mat on day 807 I've assumed to be the 'typo' BS has talked of - it should have been cloudy on that day

What was Rand doing in Caemlyn on day 826 that was so dangerous?
Any ideas?

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