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Mat just always does the opposite of what he says.

If he says he wont do something you can pretty much be sure he'll end up doing it eventually. Which for me is part of the humor of Mats character. He says he doesn't like channelers and the OP, then he goes and rescues several channelers (Elayne, Nynaeve in Tear, collared aes sedai in Ebou Dar). He says he doesn't want to be in a battle and would rather avoid them (sounds sensible to me)then ends up with all this battle knowledge, and as leader of a company of soldiers. He says how he doesn't like nobles, and doesn't want to ever get married... He doesn't like fancy clothes... well you get the idea.

I've always thought that was pretty funny, but I could see how it would be seen as hypocritical too, although if you're looking for hypocritical I'd go with Nynaeve. She's constantly telling people not to do the thing she's doing, or has done. "Stop screeching!" She screeched. Oh my look at what a bad temper everyone else is in good thing I'm totally patient. That sort of thing. I find those moments pretty funny too.

She does however grow quite a bit throughout the series, and I think by the time she tests for the shawl she's really grown up quite a bit. So perhaps it's Mat's unwillingness to change that you find a bit less than desirable.

Another factor may be the way the other characters view him, especially most of the female main characters. They spend most of the series sniffing at him, and considering him some sort of lout. Then when he does do something good, he doesn't get any credit for it, and they continue to consider him a pie thieving hoodlum.

Personally I find him to be the charming, handsome, rogue, who gets a majority of the funny one liners, and probably the character I'd most like to get horizontal with, but I see what you're saying too.
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