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Abbaaddon will become famous soon enough

in which case the Seanchan will implode because Tuon isn't pregnant yet.
Would it mean that Tuon is bound to give birth to a new Hawkwing ? That is how I understood it, and given who his fahter would be, it wouldn't be surprising.

As for Hawkwing's appearance on the battlefield, I'm sure there will be enough signs to make even the most stubborn and uninventive Seanchan recognize their ancestor (something about a sword and a crown or so I'm told). Now, Tuon has been quite opened, if I daresay, to this side of Aryth Ocean way of thinking thanks to Mistress Aran and Mat. She could have, for once in a while, an understanding and useful reaction that would change from the usually "Don't be silly, Toy."
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