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Default Sam: a louse or RJ's failure

First of all I am of course not going 2 bash RJ or even do anything like that, but no one is perfect though RJ was one of those being close to that.

But reffering to that famous Sammael and his death, it looks like that particular character started getting out of hands. He was proclaimed (not by himself) as one of the best generals of the WOP thus he should be familiar with strategy and other things. Also we must admit that Rand beat every single forsaken with some one's help (Moirain, Nyn+Moggy) or just luck. He actually won against Asmo but he was the weakest amongst them. Plus he was in "no-balefire" mode because of Cadsuane, so he couldn't permanently kill Sam meaning he shall pop up during TG or be4 which is more likely.
And now I'm going to say that Sam was "too cool" and RJ simply didn't know what to do with him, I mean how would Rand defeat him at all.
As I've stated Sam had some idea about doing battles and thus he simply wouldn't go to Shadar Logoth. Why? Because that's simply pointless. SL is one of the few places where Troloks couldn't operate because of Mashadar. Well they can, but they're under a continuous thread in that place. Sam had some idea about Mashadar (or he wouldn't go there) thus he should know it was very ruff with trollocs so he again won't go there. Also I can hardly remember trollocs being able to kill a channeler.
Secondly, I don't think Mashadar could be any dangerous to some one using the OP. Well, you can say, but it killed Sam. Yes, but how? - I have no idea. Mashadar, as we know, produced some silver light, plus Sam was aware of it and should know that it could harm him as well as Rand. That time when he was killed he was looking for Rand and not to just say "hey bro" but rather to fight him, so he should already have some weaves ready. We know that channelers could work very fast especially when they're in ready-mode, so, combining it with the fact Mashadar produces light, we must say that Sam should be able to defend himself for sure. So I have no logical reason why he didn't do so.

As for Sam being a louse. Well, maybe he was, but not more then most forsaken and less then some of them. Ofc RJ, as the creator, knew better, but I cannot agree with that when reading the books.

So what do you guys think?

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