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Originally Posted by Crispin's Crispian View Post
I can't speak for anyone else, but I thought the digression was probably the best writing of the series--or at least the most entertaining. Hmm, thinking back on it now, I wonder if there was some meta-foreshadowing to the later books. In one of the interludes, the characters all remark how compelling Roland's story was and how they were so engrossed they lost track of time. It's almost like there's magic at work.
I wonder if part of the discrepancy is waiting. I believe that I started the series shortly after The Wastelands came out. I can remember laughing at the "The Teddy Bear gets it" story* with another fan. We all assumed that there wasn't ever actually going to be another book and that King was going to leave us stuck at the start of a riddle game with a psycho train for all time**.

Then we heard that book 4 was going to actually exist. When it didn't move the story forward at all, it was a let down. As I note, I actually liked Wizard and Glass, but I certainly understood people who were frustrated.

* Someone apparently sent King a photograph of a Teddy Bear in a noose and told him that if he didn't put out the next book "the bear gets it."

** Holy crap, I just looked up the actual publishing dates. Wizard and Glass was only 6 years after the Wastelands. I had remembered it as being over a decade. It's probably just that I was in such different places in my life when they were published. I was still in high school for Wastelands and already graduated from college when Wizard and Glass came out.
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