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I've always kind of assumed that Rand's thought that he might be able to kill the Dark One was Brandon's nod to fan-theories. Quite often in tGS, Brandon mentions fan-theories by having characters in-story discuss and debate the very theories fans have been discussing.

I think this is one of those. Rand is the logical one to bring up the fan-theory that Rand might kill the DO rather than re-imprison him, and Moridin is the logical one to argue that it's totally idiotic and would never work.

There's a couple of things I've been wondering though, since hearing in tGS how the Dark One tainted Saidin...

LTT when sealing the bore touched Saidin to the DO directly because "something has to touch him". As a result the DO was able to taint Saidin.

1. So what should touch the DO? We have been told that the bore is a thinness in the pattern which allows the DO to be sensed through the Pattern, which strongly implies that before the bore it was the thickness of the Pattern itself that imprisoned the DO. So it's not surprising that as the DO breaks free of his prison, reality itself is disintegrating. So the 'correct' thing to do to seal the bore is strengthen the Pattern. So far in the series we've seen no mechanism for strengthening the Pattern, except perhaps Herid Fel's comment that "belief and order give strength". (Also, this would make sense of the DO's instructions to sow chaos)

2. If the taint on Saidin was caused by it touching the DO, that suggests that the 'correct' way of removing the taint was to break the seals on the DO's prison, thus disconnecting the DO from Saidin. But the taint being caused by 'touching' the Dark One makes me think that the taint itself is in some sense a 'piece' of the Dark One himself. Rand's solution to the taint was interesting... from RJ interview questions, I understand that Shadar Logoth was a 'new' thing in the history of the wheel. Rand was able to use that evil to mutually annihilate the Dark One's evil touching Saidin. But I have to wonder: Did Rand in fact actually annihilate a 'piece' of the Dark One himself?! If so... shoving Fain into the Pit of Doom could well be a fairly good way to go about 'killing' the Dark One.