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Default Review of notes

When I went through some past writings of mine, begrugendly, but hey thats what the therapist ordered me to do, I found some stuff I joted down long ago. It was stuff on Verin that I thought about many moons ago, like right after the tDR came out. Some of it was crap, other stuff was well intersting. Here it is. I was young when I did these and my note taking was more odd back then.

I put my notes in spoiler text. Even though they were written back before tSR came out they may spoil it for some peoples.

What the heck is up with Verin.
She lied
1. She did not and a misunderstanding of conversation.
2. She lied and is Black
3. She lied and some how removed the 3 Oaths

1. Misunderstaind- possible, AS read into a lot of stuff. POSSIBLE

2.BA - Possibley, but she seems to be helping Rand and not taking him the SG. Doubtfull since this would be a prime thing that the BA would be wanting to do. DOUBTFULL
2A. She is a double agent, seeking out the BA to study them since she is a Brown. Doubtfull, since this would be insane to do. Also, the BA would catch on to her being a spy. LAUGHABLE, Our track team has a better chance at winning Districs than this happening.

3. Removal of Oaths. she is a Brown, and had at least one hidden object of power, who knows what else she has. POSSIBLE
3a. She use the Oath Rod to remove the 3 Oaths. doubtfull. Moraine needed permission to take an Angreal. The items of Power would most surely be guarded and the rod most of all. Doubt the Rod could remove what it binds, needs to be an other item, see 3.

Verin is well Verin, who knows what is up wtih her. I think her being Brown and had atleast one object of Power she has more and was able to remove the 3 oaths. Removal of them would be usefull for one seeking knowlege and being sneeky about it.

Unfortunatly, I stopped doing this sort of thing cause well, I went off to college. TSR came out my freshman year and I was unable to keep doing these notes. I need to look to see if anymore are around.

Well, whats this all about. Well, looking back there was some things that I thought about, but discarded. However they turned to be correct. This got me thinking about the thing from books 4-6. Perhaps a look back at original notes that people did would reveal something. It was a long time ago. Something that sparked some thing then, might not now because of all the information we got from the other books along the way.

So, I guess what I am saying is, if you took notes when you read the books, maybe looking back at the old ones will spark something. Or atleast make you laugh.

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