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There's a vague suggestion that the Andoran royal line might be descended from Rand's Aiel line:

Originally Posted by RJ
TITLE - The Shadow Rising
CHAPTER: 26 - The Dedicated

Adan lay in the sandy hollow clutching his dead son's weeping children, shielding their eyes against his ragged coat. Tears rolled down his face, too, but silently, as he peered cautiously over the edge. At five and six, Maigran and Lewin deserved the right to cry; Adan was surprised he had any tears left, himself.

Some of the wagons were burning. The dead lay where they had fallen. The horses had already been driven off, except for those still hitched to a few wagons that had been emptied onto the ground. For once he took no notice of the crated things the Aes Sedai had given into Aiel charge, toppled carelessly into the dirt. It was not the first time he had seen that, or dead Aiel, but this time he could not care. The men with the swords and spears and bows, the men who had done the killing, were loading those empty wagons. With women. He watched Rhea, his daughter, shoved up into a wagon box with the others, crowded together like animals by laughing killers. The last of his children. Elwin dead of hunger at ten, Sorelle at twenty of fever her dreams told her was coming, and Jaren, who threw himself off a cliff a year ago, at nineteen, when he found he could channel. Marind, this morning.

He wanted to scream. He wanted to rush out there and stop them from taking his last child. Stop them, somehow. And if he did rush out? They would kill him, and take Rhea anyway. They might well kill the children, too. Some of those bodies sprawled in their own blood were small.

Maigran clutched at him as if she sensed he might leave her, and Lewin stiffened as if he wanted to hold tighter but thought himself too old. Adan smoothed their hair and kept their faces pressed against his chest. He made himself watch, though, until the wagons wheeled away surrounded by whooping riders, after the horses that were already almost out of sight toward the smoking mountains that lined the horizon.

Only then did he stand up, prying the children loose. "Wait here for me," he told them. "Wait until I come back." Clinging to each other, they stared at him with tear-stained white faces, nodded uncertainly.
He walked out to one of the bodies, rolled her over gently. Siedre could have been asleep, her face just the way it appeared beside him when he woke each morning. It always surprised him to notice gray in her red-gold hair; she was his love, his life, and ever young and new to him. He tried not to look at the blood soaking the front of her dress or the gaping wound below her breasts.
It's vague, but a few points:

1. His wife had red-gold hair; his daughter Rhea probably did as well.

2. They had reached the Aryth Coast some years before, probably around World's End, and headed south. They appear to be near the Mountains of Mist, so the geography is about right.

3. Rhea.

Originally Posted by wiki
Most often Rhea's symbol is a pair of lions, the ones that pulled her celestial chariot and were seen often, rampant, one on either side of the gateways through the walls to many cities in the ancient world.
Okay, so it's not that vague after all. Yay for twisted family trees...

But the symbology actually fits Tuon better. That's just RJ's style - we all know that:

Originally Posted by RJ
TITLE: Winter's Heart
CHAPTER: 14 - What a Veil Hides

Bowing her head to the Blood, Tuon climbed to the quarter deck followed by the two Deathwatch Guards. The wind made handling her cape difficult, and pressed her veil against her face one moment, then flailed it over her head the next. It did not matter; that she wore it was sufficient. Her personal banner, two golden lions harnessed to an ancient war-cart, flew at the stern above the six helmsmen struggling to control the long tiller. The Raven-and-Roses would have been packed away as soon as the first crewman to see her veil could pass the word. Kidron's captain, a wide, weathered woman with white hair and the most incredible green eyes, bowed as Tuon's slipper touched the quarterdeck then immediately returned her attention to her ship.
But we have discussed before that Aldeshar was the last nation to fall to Hawkwing (and Perrin's lion's helm dream might well be an inkling of a past life as its last king....Mat remembers being its last general), so it' s likely that Tuon's banner originates with the pride of having defeated Aldeshar...and of course Aldeshar's last king was Ishara's grandfather.

Oh, and of course Rhea is the mother of Zeus, who is often paralleled to Thor (al'Thor). That's getting really vague, but Perrin got the hammer of course.
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