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It was alot of words and some of them were hard.

Anyway, my amusement aside that you used one of my factions in your theory and more so by saying that it's a popular theory, (in fact there's only a few people that are in the faction and I think most of them have probably forgotten about it by now), I still find this theory hard to accept.

Ok, I can perhaps see that Mat will be willing to give up his amulet, perhaps, maybe, sorta, it could be part of the no iron rule maybe. Assuming that happens, it only prevents direct channeling. It won't help lightning bolts called from the sky, exploding ground or collapsing buildings, or possibly even fireballs (it's possible that they unweave when they get to him, but they could still, you know, explode right beside the wearer, so not that helpful. I might be willing to go with the idea that Mat uses it to finally destroy the Gholam, but the amulet is destroyed in the process though, but that doesn't mean it winds up in Gawyn's hands, but then it doesn't really need to.

Now, Occam's Razor/KISS says there's a much simpler way for Gawyn not to have to worry about Rand's channeling, something much more convenient to the plot and that's Rand's...whatever it is when he tries to take hold of the source. If they go blade to blade he likely won't have the time to take the source because it would cause him to put too much effort/concentration into it and that would leave him open to a blow.

With that in mind your scenario for having Alivia helping Rand die isn't even needed and is rather unnecessarily complex. There's also the possibility that Rand has the channeling sickness that wilders sometimes get and he might well waste away and die from that, but, that's another theory.

There's also the fact that one of the driving reasons for Gawyn killing Rand is Morgase, and with it now being known, at least to Perrin and co, it's quite possible that Morgase could be returning to Andor, well, if that happens, Gawyn's reasons for killing Rand evaporate and it's more likely for Morgase to wind up in Caemlyn than for Gawyn & Rand to wind up there.

Like I said, it's an interesting idea and you might be right about some things, but there are alot of "if's"...IF Mat leaves behind his amulet and IF it winds up in Alivia's hands and IF Gawyn is there to pick it up and IF Rand winds up in Caemlyn and IF there's no one else around, because if there's anyone around they're probably going to try and stop it...etc, etc, etc.

Also, minor nitpick here, your "Darkness fits the sun" is a bit of a stretch. It's more of the idea that Egwene believes that Gawyn cannot betray anything, the light and dark imagery are just to make a point, the sun is the primary source of light and it would be impossible to imagine it as a source of darkness.

Also, I think you're thinking too literally, too much of a direct copy of our mythos. Yes, there are similarities and they are twisted, and yes, he uses some points, but I think you're making too many direct parallels here.

Most of us believe that there's going to be a battle in and or around Caemlyn, but why must Rand & Gawyn be there? I mean Rand is on Dragonmount and Gawyn is in Tar Valon. It would be a thousand times simpler just for them to have a confrontation there, rather then hauling them all the way back to Caemlyn for it to happen.

It feels...forced. There are so many other, simpler, more elegant ways for these events to take place then in the method that you suggest that it just feels forced...and if you are correct and it happens this way, BS, or hell, RJ haven written it that way just feels to me to be very heavy handed.

It's a powerful and interesting theory, Terez, but it's a little overly complex and, well, if it ends up written that way, I'd say it was a clumsy way of forcing the plot when so many other elegant solutions are possible for Rand dying. Hell, Gawyn could end up killing Rand in Tar Valon, no sword fight required...or it could be one of the Bloodknives that winds up doing it.

There's just too many other, more elegant ways that this can play out, rather then, directly taking from several of our myths. It's RJ's story and while he's borrowed from mythology and put elements of them into the series, I don't think (and I sincerely hope), that he didn't plan his story according to how those myths played out.
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