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I don't know . . .

It is plausible but from a thematic point of view I'm a bit confused.

This conversation is almost completely about what to do with the Aiel AFTER the Last Battle. The theme is developed later on in Avi's chapters as she sees that the Aiel's conflict with the Seanchan and their war-like nature eventually lead to their race's fall and extinction.

The question is a deeply personal one that is uniquely Aiel.

I did not get the impression from reading any of Verin's viewpoints that she had THAT big a stake in the Aiel ESPECIALLY after the Last Battle. Most of her attention I had thought was in toppling the Shadow, the Black Ajah, helping Rand win the Last Battle etc.

How does making Aviendha think about the role of the Aiel AFTER the Last Battle fit in with this?

I also don't see it as being ANY of the Aiel or the Wise Ones specifically. Disguising yourself in this manner is something that is just not done in ji'e'toh and I can't see any Wise One stooping to that type of base trickery.

Besides, Avi is an apprentice Wise One on her way to Rhuidean for a holy ritual. It would be anathema to interfere like that.

I don't have a better theory than Terez, but would be significantly confused why Verin would do this . . .