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Wow, ok.

That is crazy.

I don't know. Okay, first let me give you Nakomi's description:

Wears Aiel garb. Not cadin'sor or Wise One garb, just normal clothing. Dark skirt and tan blouse and shawl. Kerchief in greying hair.

Middle aged and carried no weapon.

Furrowed skin and can not channel.

Aviendha doesn't really want her around nor does she really want to share food or water since she is in the middle of the Waste but can't really turn her away. They have a conversation about the Aiel and their future after the Last Battle.

Aviendha thinks they will return to the Three Fold Land after the Last Battle because the wetlands are too "soft" but in the classic Socratic method, Nakomi makes her question this. She suggests that there would be no point afterwards. They would be growing harder for the sake of growing hard.

While doing this, she makes one of the most delicious meals Aviendha has ever eaten. Then she apologizes for making Aviendha feel weird and makes an excuse to leave to use the bathroom. She vanishes without a trace.

So if it is a channeler, she would have to hide her strength as Aviendha can't sense her at all.

As for Lanfear's involvement in this? It's hard to swallow. The advice given to Aviendha is VERY GOOD, something she and all the Wise Ones need to hear, it's something we the reader might tell them. I see absolutely no reason for Lanfear to do this.

Furthermore, from the end of the book, we know Lanfear is getting crushed night in and night out and really doesn't seem to be in the proper frame of mind for any clandestine missions to give helpful advice to the enemy.

Also, can't imagine you can even pass wind in a mindtrap without permission.

Meaning Moridin would have to approve of this plan which makes even less sense as he is the Forsaken absolutely most focused and engaged in having the Dark One WIN the Last Battle which means there is literally nothing afterwards making the Aiel's future completely moot.