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How about Moiraine sets up the bond-transfer to Myrelle in case the worst should happen to her. Then she goes to the Finn realm after tackling Lanfear through the doorway. Now she realises that she's going to be tortured so she severs the bond herself. Maybe to "pass" the bond in such a way that no trauma is caused to the Warder she would need to be in physical contact with the woman she is going to pass it to (physical contact is needed with the man to establish the bond in the first place). By severing the bond as she did, she causes the bond to be passed to Myrelle as if she died, and Lan is traumatised but this is better than if Lan was feeling that his Aes Sedai was in mortal danger, being systematically tortured and being far beyond his help - would such knowledge drive him insane? Quite possibly, if he was aware of that suffering through the bond - look what Alanna's knowledge of Rand's wounds did to her when she first bonded him. When that Aes Sedai is stabbed by the dark-eyed Aiel, doesn't her Warder jump up and sprint off like an arrow heading straight for her because he knows how much pain she is in?

Moiraine therefore saw severing the bond as the better of two traumatic outcomes for Lan since she has already taken the precaution of passing the bond to a woman who had saved a number of Warders who had survived their Aes Sedai.

The third possible course of action was to pass the bond directly to Myrelle physically before she confronted to Lanfear. This is a "no go" for two reasons. Firstly, Lan is annoyed enough when she sets up passing the bond as a contingency plan saying he doesn't want "to be passed around like a dog" (or something similar). With Lan's sense of pride and duty he would rather be with Moiraine and face the effects of bond-severing than be packaged off to safety. Secondly, if she did pass the bond against his will before she was actually in danger Lan would know something was up and he would hang around anyway instead of going to his new Aes Sedai. Lan and Moiraine respect each other hugely and he would not ride away when he knew she was about to put herself in danger. If Moiraine rigged up the bond to force him to ride away under Compulsion that would very much be a betrayal of any friendship they had.

Far better for Lan's mental health, their friendship and their respect for each other that Lan believed she died before seeking out his new Aes Sedai.