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Originally Posted by Terez View Post
Whatever I say? That's what happened, no matter how much you try to deny it. And you're still a troll.
Oh please.
I have no problem admitting that I let things get out of hand but I certainly wasn't alone in that regard and even more importantly, I wasn't the one that started it.
Your assertion that Demandred wrote "Fog and Steel" along with the subsequent insult laced, hissy-fit you threw at anyone that found that a tad on the farfetched side that did.

So please, lets leave the high horse in the stable eh.

Either way, back to the topic at hand, it is a very well thought out and well written theory Mik, nice job!
And don't feel bad, you are just part of an extremely long list of "trolls".
(Trolls in this case is defined as someone that has disagreed with Terez. Hence the long list )

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