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Hey all I'm new here. I love WoT started reading it in the 8th grade, freshman in college now and I still love it. Recently got a friend to read it and now he's obsessed with it so he kind of got me back into it, since I haven't read any WoT since TGS came out (I reread when Rand put that bitch Cadsuane in her place atleast 5 times though). I probably won't cite many, if any, sources in my posts which will probably seem pretty ignorant (they will be). But regardless I love WoT and I know who I like, who I don't, and what I think so if you disagree with me on an issue you are probably right, but in all likelihood I'll be a wool-headed lummox and just like any Two Rivers man dig my heels in anytime I'm being pushed somewhere

(reference to the book, get it guys? get it!?!?)
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