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Old 08-25-2010, 09:28 PM
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Default Eric Flannum Q&A, August 22, 2010

Malchior's summary

The capital cities are persistant. The only instanced part is the home instance. (Someone got confused)

Another confirmation of respeccing attributes in the final version! As easy as it was in Guild Wars 1!

Eric considers the most fun in level design is when they can surprise the players. His example is the Rabbit of Caer'Banog in Guild Wars 1.

There are tiered skills in Guild Wars 2. Players buy skills of higher tiers as they level up to improve existing skills.

The first 5 skills are the same for a particular weapon, no matter the skin or rarity of the weapon wielded. However, the weapons do change in function across different professions (We knew this)

Eric comments that the one feature they cut from the game that would have been cool if it could have worked was the Companion System. It didn't work out because the way they scaled events, and the way each profession is so versatile with weapon swaps and dedicated heal slots.

Hall of Monuments-When you create your GW 2 account, you will link a GW 1 account to it. You will get an item to double-click to take you to your GW 2 HoM. You will get points for things you did in GW 1. With number of points, you unlock rewards in GW 2. A full HoM guide will be going up VERY SOON on the GW 2 website, with pictures and details of rewards. It does not take a full hall to receive rewards.

There are ways to build characters that they can be primarily support characters. Water Eles, support Necros, one of the UNANNOUNCED PROFESSIONS is supposed to be catered to the people who played MONK in Guild Wars 1.

Generic spill on WvW, and all unlocks for Structured PvP (Stuff we already know).

No opposing factions in Guild Wars 2. Don't want to split up friends. Generic spill on the 3 orders, Durmand Priory, Order of Whispers, and the Vigil. (Stuff we know)

They are trying to talk over details about how to implement tournaments in the Structured PvP. They definitely want to go for it.
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