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Originally Posted by greatwolf
I don't know if he can*, but Moridin's arguement seems flawed to me. Its like saying that death is certain for everyone but why sign up for death now?
Moridin's seems to be a pure nihilist. Given an infinite number of turnings, the ability of the DO to win, and the immortality of the DO, the Light will lose eventually. If you view life in WoT as an eternal war between the DO (+ his forces) and everyone else, no matter how long the war lasts eventually mankind will lose it. It is a statistical inevitability. Therefore, according to Moridin, why struggle eternally to fight a war that is impossible to win? It's not dying that is the problem; everyone dies and is reborn. The problem is that no matter how long you fight, you can never win. Therefore, there is no point in fighting since the only reason for performing an action is the ability to elicit change, which is only possible for the DO in the context of the war. So, why not live a few thousand years doing whatever the hell you want and, as ZS said, end the war now rather than fight it for thousands more years and lose it later. If the DO is the only one who can win, it is in your best interest (according to Moridin) to help the DO as best you can and hope that he might be merciful (even if he is most likely not).

Rand's rebuttal was his VoG epiphany, where he thought that even if you can't win the war, living as long as you can is important in and of itself because life is precious (or something to that effect).
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