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Old 05-26-2010, 06:31 PM
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Default Personal Story in German Translated into English

Here is the Google translation.

Recently, we presented before the dynamic event system ArenaNet, Guild Wars 2. Now had the chance and Wartower with Ree Soesbee about the personal plot lines to speak. Soesbee Game designer and is responsible for the background story of Guild Wars 2

Question: At the beginning we would like to clear up a common misconception. Many players have the fear that they would not make progress in their personal action if they participate in a particular dynamic event just can not. Can you tell us something about the separation of the two systems?

Answer: Of course. The two systems are completely detached from each other. The personal act of your character is distributed over the entire world and motivates you, everything you see and interact with key NPCs. But although the personal action takes place right in the game world, it has nothing to do with the dynamic events. The events have no influence on whether one can complete his personal act or not. It may be that they not be ignored in an event that is on the way - but the outcome of this event has no personal influence on your actions. And it also has no effect on the main plot of the game. Imagine the best way: you have to do a certain job or have to save someone and then determines that the village will be sent to you Were just attacked. Now you can help her in the defense, or it can be. The attack has nothing to do with your personal action - there is only one event the same place at the place.

Question: If I then log into the game and continue playing a bit of my own action would, I can do it anytime?

Answer: Absolutely. The challenges will arise from the action out. And not to wait for a specific event must.

Question: Suppose, then, the big day has finally arrived and I installed the game on my computer and I want the same dive into the world of Tyria. The first thing I expect of course the character creation. You had previously announced that players can create a biography of their character. I assumed they would simply (as you know the other titles) has a bit of text to write his character. You were there but an entirely different idea - what exactly happens because in the character creation?

Answer: During the character creation, players choose a nation and a class and define the look of the character. But you also a series of questions. The questions have set several predetermined answers to certain aspects of your character and basis of personal action are. If you create such an Asura, you get asked the question: "What was your first successful experiment?" Now you have three or four possible answers. Later in the game then it can happen that you appeal to a NPC and say, "Hey, we know that your first invention was a weather-control machine. We've got such a machine that plays just crazy. It would be nice if you could help us with the problem. ", This plot has been raised for the character, on the basis of the answers you chose at creation.

Question: How many such questions are provided for each character?

Answer: Since we have not yet decided. But somewhere in the range of 7:00 to 12:00. Internally, we have already set a precise number - but that may change everything yet. Maybe even to us is for publication or one or the other one brilliant idea for an action, so we would like to remain flexible.

Question: That means in plain language, the player makes up for his character a certain reputation and a past that existed before he puts one foot for the first time in the game world. As this biography will be fixed, or will players have the chance to change the personality of their character by certain actions?

Answer: Some issues relate specifically to the personality of the character. It might be asked, for example, how the character's behavior when he comes in the way of a thug. Defend to his friends and proposes to itself? Or you talk to the club and tries to reach peace? Some questions refer to the past of the character. One might answer, "I've never known my parents" or "I always wanted to explore a specific place in the world." Some questions are addressed to the future needs: "I always wanted to be a knight," "I have always wanted to meet a particular race" like the Dredge or any of the other non-player nations. The questions are divided into roughly three to four groups. The response options are selected so that the character is not pushed in a certain direction. A player may opt for the reply, "I have never known my parents." Another has a very different conception of his character and wants a family, or decides to that guild members are blood relatives. We do not want the players to feel compelled to do that they can not agree with her character. So whenever a question on specific past events is made, there is always the possibility of an answer to choose, which gives no precise information on the issue.

Question: So there are questions about the past and the dreams of the future of the character but also to its characteristics. How rigid these traits will be - and will there be a possibility to change this later. Say, for example, by certain behavior in the game world?

Answer: Some features you will be able to change while others do not. I mean it's only logical: if a player determines who was the mother of the character, he can not later change it. But when one has given his character an especially wild and aggressive personality, you can still check in dealing with NPCs, and decide not to act aggressively - and so gradually change the personality of the character.

Q: Another major concern of our community was the identification of tasks. Many of them play a long time and have become used to the exclamation mark above the heads of the quest-giver and the explanatory texts. How are players in Guild Wars 2 will be introduced to the new system that will manage without all this information? Like avoid that players do not just in the Content run past because she do not perceive?

Answer: There are a lot of things that we have implemented to ensure that the players recognize the contents as such. First of all, we have a tutorial and an introduction to the game. It explains exactly what is going on in the game world to himself. In addition, there are pop-ups that can be turned on and off and the players will explain the basics of the game. But these are only the very basic step information. The correct event system automatically makes for you attention without relying on observations, and exclamation points to be. If you are just exploring, you can jump for example, just one lap times into the sea and swim along the sea floor. Now it may happen that a sea-dwellers come zugeschwommen on the character and him shouting at him to help him but kindly, his village would be attacked by hideous monsters who want to enslave all the inhabitants. You do not actively seek to find somewhere an instructional text. The game world shows the players what happened to her. And the players will hear what is being said around them. One will naturally stumble into those events. This should all feel as if one runs down the street and sees a burning house. One is drawn to the event, and soon finds out what happened and whether (and especially how to help) you can. You can also inform other players about the event. But it feels quite different than if we would run into a quest donors, one says, "Hey, two streets is the next house on fire. Extinguishing the fire.

Question: If my personal story matches that of another friend, can we play together and move forward on the same contracts, or is one only of the audience? ?

Answer: The hero of a personal history in only the leader of the group. It is his story, he takes the decisions that impact is limited to his storyline. Friends can take you any time and they become so see a part of your personal history, as you will witness saves a village and interact with people from your past. When talking about NPCs from the past, they always speak only of the past of the party leader. With the interest in the personal quests of all sorts of friends you can get to see, however, the are not part of your own personal history.

Question: You also get awards for helping? ?

Answer: Yes. We are working on a system of indirect rewards. However, the reward is different from that of the aid workers 'owner' of the personal quest.

Question: Helping a friend is not only a waste of time, but incidentally throws off something? ?

Answer: Absolutely. Who wants to do anything other than players to help with their personal history, can do so. You can earn that way even more advanced equipment.

Question: What makes the announcement of "personal authority" of the Hall of Monuments? Is this a home of their own, or is there more to requesting the? ?

Answer: About the personal instances, we can say the following. The Black Citadel, in our example, the hometown of a Charr character, is 90% an open world created in the same for all players. From a player's own home can be the other 10% remaining, called personal instance, entered. Etweder alone, or again with friends who have been invited to the group. The appearance of the personal Insanz depends completely on the personal storyline. Perhaps there are buildings which were not otherwise, shall be non-player characters which otherwise are not there and it displays trophies that represent achievements in the game.

Question: Will the personal history also have effects on the PvP part? ?

Answer: No. The personal story line is not there to give someone a playful benefits. It serves only the characters of strengthening and increasing the knowledge of the player around the world Tyria.

Question: Will it be me the decisions I've made in the course of my personal story to watch? ?

Answer: yes to a certain extent. The personal body will change while pushing their own history. bypass the dialogue or the way in the NPC with the player will change, depending on how one has chosen to deal with smaller breeds such as the curd or Quack. A trader could stand about rescued and sell clothing from his area and fun to access "unlock Town Items.

Question: Are these changes limited to the personal authority, or other NPCs react to my success? ?

Answer: Of course it is in the personal Insanz always be much more visible than in the open world. We tried as much as possible the impact on the open Speilwelt extend. According as the decision all, you make it can happen that some NPCs to talk to you, or not. Depending on which order you belong to (Note: eg Order of the rumors), the reactions you to change.

Question: I've now saved the world, played through my personal story and participated in numerous events. As long as I have used it and now what? ?

Answer: It depends primarily on the players from themselves, how quickly they want to move forward. Some will want to stay may be on a level, because it suits them [SIC]. The personal story line is divided so that they are experienced at different stages in different locations. The great part of the story with the really big boss until you close to the maximum level. But how long does sas, can not yet say specifically.
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Google translation isn't all that great...
Do you have the original link?

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Originally Posted by Sarevok View Post
Google translation isn't all that great...
Do you have the original link?

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