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Default Exclusive interview with the creators of Guild Wars 2 | LiveSpot

It is a Polish site and here is the link and an English translation. Translation done by a Guildwars 2 Guru member.

Eric Flannum, one of the developers at ArenaNet, decided to answer a couple of questions for our Guild Wars 2 fans in Poland. Made just for you guys, some time ago we prepared a small poll on what players wanted to ask the creators and it just so happens that today we've received a response. I'll also add, that the community division of ArenaNet is very happy with the large number of fans that created the webpage. They are very thankful for such a large feedback from Poland, and they are counting on continued support.

"For some of you fans, we've also prepared an exclusive gallery with the latest screenshots from the game."

Hey Eric, lets get into details right away concerning the trading system in Guild Wars 2. Will it be possible to buy items that another player sold to an NPC?
Unfortunately no. A player selling items to an NPC has them removed and no one else has access to them. If someone wants to buy a certain item from a player, they will be left with the option to finish the transaction through the marketplace or through the normal trading system.

So in the game we'll get a marketplace for players to buy and sell items. Will we be able to look at the prices of items found in the marketplace, even when they are sold out or unavailable?
We actually happen to be working on this kind of option. A player will be able to see something along the lines of a history of past trades, and so will also be able to see the past prices of items, what they were sold for. We're also planning to organize a list of "interested buyers" for items - a player can offer a sum of money and post information for what they are looking for.

The Guild Wars 2 engine is already looking really nice. Will players be able to interact with buildings; For example being able to go inside some of them?
Yes! Players will be able to visit the inside of buildings on a large scale. The game will be full of tasks that are done in buildings or partly done in some buildings. But lets not look here only at visiting them. Many of the key moments will take place inside buildings. For example, in the players storyline, they will be able to:
• Leave traps in the jails of Divinity's Reach to crush the plans of a crazed criminal.
• Jump into a burning orphanage in order to save children trapped inside.
• Break into a house of a shady character, that will turn out to be more suspicious then originally thought to be.

Is there anything known about a Polish version of the game running in Poland?
At the moment we still haven't finished finalizing the list of languages that the game will be available in at launch. So at this time we can't say anything concrete.

How does the exploring aspect look? Has anything changed in comparison with the original game?
The basic transport will still be via teleports. With the help of Asura Gates, players will be able to travel freely across the map. However with some special portals players can to travel to more distant locations for a small fee.

We all know about AoE attacks in games, attacking a certain spot rather then a target. So for example, will we be able to cast meteor shower in a given area in front of us?
Each time you use a skill, that skill will find a way to be activated. If you don't have a target selected, the game will automatically look for a target for that skill. In the case of close range, if there won't be anything that we will be able to attack, the skill will hit somewhere away from the player, or it could hit something like a wall.

What about guilds in the game? Can we expect armories to store equipment and instances made specially for the guild members?
At the moment we aren't ready to talk about some of the social aspects that we plan to introduce. They are still in the planning stage. In the near future we will reveal more information on the topic.

For a nice finish, we'll ask something bigger... Guild Wars 2 plans to give us the option of server versus server gameplay. In that case, how will the odds be evened between each side when for example it's 100 versus 300?
World versus world matches will be long battles between 3 sides. During a match, players on both sides will be able to change, increase or decrease, their force. If one side dominates another, we expect that eventually the other side will mobilize itself to attack it's rival. For this reason we decided that battles won't depend on the domination of 2 sides, but rather 3.

Thats like the Polish saying; "Where two will fight, a third will gain". Thank you for the interview. Great work Eric!
Thank you very much! Good luck in work...

Mas o menos thats what I translated :P
Polish isn't my native language, so for the sake of smooth easy reading it isn't translated word for word.
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