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Old 10-21-2010, 01:29 PM
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Default PC Gamer : Guild Wars 2 will sell you more dungeons

I guess this would be similar to the Bonus Mission Pack for GW.

Also the discussion on GW2Guru

Regina made a statement on GW2Guru.

Regina Buenaobra : I wanted to clear up some misunderstandings coming from the article. We talked to Eric, and he said the following:

Hey there, after reading the PC Gamer article I wanted to make sure that we clarified a few things. First, we haven’t decided on what exactly we are or aren’t going to offer for money post release. My answer to the dungeons question was meant to say “we’re open to whatever our players seem most interested in.” If after release you guys would like more story content, more dungeons, more events, more maps or whatever it’s something that we have to consider because ultimately making you happy is what makes us successful. Whether we release that in DLC (like the bonus mission packs in GW1) or whether we do it through expansions (Like Eye of the North) is yet to be determined. As to whether or not there are going to be items like XP boosts available in the in game store I can only reiterate what we’ve said before (and will continue to say) that we’ll release details on it when they are available and that our core philosophy--of not requiring you to spend additional money to play the game and not making the game difficult or painful to play in order to encourage you to buy things from the store--still stands.
In short: We have not made a decision on whether to sell dungeon content as DLC, contrary to what the article states. The author of the article jumped to this (incorrect) conclusion based upon his interpretation of Eric's statements.

Like Eric said in the article and in his statement above, we will look at what the demand is from the players.

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Old 10-21-2010, 02:06 PM
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It sounds to me like they're twising Flannum's words here:
Originally Posted by Flannum
“Yeah, we’re going to look at what the demand is. Look at what players want more of and we’re going have to release that stuff because that’s the stuff that players are going to be willing to pay for and that’s the stuff that’s going to make our company profitable.”
This could just as easily be interpreted as something similar to Factions or Nightfall. I think PC gamer is just trying to make headlines with this.
I sounded much more like Flannum just wasn't willing to give a firm "yes" or "no" that might come back to haunt him years later...

*reads through the GWguru thread*
Seems like I'm not the only one thinking this.
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