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Default Martin Kerstein answers Community Questions |

In German.


And the basic English translation from GW2Guru.


1) Can traits affect attributes too, or do they affect special skills only?
A: Traits affect Attributes and Skills but can also effect special aspects of your character like Necromancer Death-Shroud and Ranger pet.

2) Can traits affect supportskills, or do they affect only Weaponskills?
A: Traits affect every kind of skills.

3) Are there any "gimmick"-traits for your personal story?
A: There are no traits related to your personal story.

Personal Story

1) How far reaching are the decisions you make during your character creation?
A: Most decisions are permanent. If you stated that you never met your parents then you will experience the personal story that is connected to this answer. Decisions about your personality can be changed throughout the game. When you interact with a NPC and chose to be charmant, even though you've chosen brutal in character creation, your personality changes to reflect this.

2) As a "nice" player I get other tasks from NPCs then as a tough, mean guy. Can I get these tasks later on when I change my personality?
A: The personality of your character does not affect the content you get. Decisions about your Legion (Charr) or which experiment you've done in your youth (Asura) decide how your personal story plays out. Your personality affects how NPCs interact with you, they enable you new dialogue-options but they do not change your storyline. You will not be locked out of content because of your personality.

3) Will I have the chance to play an evil character?
A: No. Guild Wars is based around your character being the hero, even when this can be expressed in differnt ways. The idea is interesting, but to be able to do this we would have to implement it as a core-feature so that players can really play as either hero or antagonist. We decided early on we would not do that and focused on branching your personal story, where your character is the hero.

4) How exactly does the home-instance work?
A: The look of your home-instance depends on the race you've chosen. Humans get an entire district in the city for themselves, with houses and shops. In this instance NPCs, which react to the achievements of the player, live. The instance changes depending on your decisions in your personal story. Your best friend can live in the home district and get murdered, after which you'll find his house empty and deserted.


1) Is there a fixed scaling interval? (e.g. 5 players)
A: No. Dynamic events scale depending on the number of players. When there are 5 players and one leaves, the event will scale down to 4 players.

2) How much can events scale up? Is there a maximum difficulty?
A: It depends on the event. Epic events like the Shatterer can scale the difficulty up to 100 players and more. In normal events this would not make much sense, because in the chaos of 100 people and thousands of monsters noone would know what's happening anymore.

3) Are there event-chains which cover big distances or complete regions?
A: Complete regions: no. We have many event-chains that cover a big area of our maps. Let me explain on our centaur-event: A huge centaur base extends over a big area in the map. Now the centaurs form an army and attack a village which is in another place of this map. While this is happening, players can escort a caravan and bring in catapults (from a fort in another place of this map) to the besieged village. When this succeeds the catapults can be erected to help with the defense of the village. If not, the pieces of the catapult will be stolen which starts new events to recover them. If the centaurs capture the village, they start sending prisoners back to their base. This triggers different events in different places of the map to free the prisoners and recapture the village. And if this is not enough: If the centaurs are not driven out fast enough, another army starts towards the next village. All this events are connected to each other and cover a big area of the map.

4) Will there be another chance for the players to create events (like at PAX)?
A: We had huge fun designing an event with you guys. I (Colin) really hope we can do something like that again, it was one of the coolest things I've ever done.

5) Will it be possible to negate the results of one event through another?
A: To negate them will not be possible, but you change the results and get another experience. In the example with the centaurs (in case the escort was a success) you can now use the catapults for the defence of the village. This changes the way the defence plays out, but does not negate the attack of the centaurs. The centaurs are no cowards that they run at the sight of catapults even when you rain stones on their heads.

6) When GW2 is released, the mid/high-level areas will be completely without players. Will the events there play out nonetheless?
A: Absolutely! Events happen everywhere in the world, even when there are no players. The first person which enters the new area, goes where no player has gone before, will experience a living, breathing world.


1) In the demo-videos you could see a "questmarker" (green dot) and discreet pointers to events nearby. Can the player disable them?
A: The green star shows where the personal story can be continued. At the current point it is not possible to disable this effects completely, but many can be minimized.

2) Are there any plans on changing character animation in cutscenes? Sometimes they look a little bit stiff.
A: Our artists are continuously working on improving every aspect of the game.

3) It has been said that you can adjust the UI. Can you disable the aura of enemies (or lower its intensity)? Or do the same with skilleffects?
A: At the moment we don't know yet how customizable the UI and the skilleffects will be.

4) Was the display of the health-points the final version? Can players customize the UI?
A: As said, we don't know yet how customizable the UI will be. Let me repeat what we already said multiple times: We look constantly on how we can improve every aspect of the game, so you will see that things we showed you will change in the course of development.

5) Can we expect to see numbers in the skill descriptions? At the moment you could only read the effects, so it was impossible to calculate the damage the skill would do.
A: Yes, you can. We did not have time to implement this in the demo.


1) Are mana-potions definitely ingame or are there still under discussion?
A: Nothing is final until the game is released. At the moment mana-potions are the best solution we have for long-term resource management. We will keep on looking into this matter and will inform you if we find another solution.

2) When a player falls - is the damage absolute or percental?
A: The damage is percental.

3) The sidekick-system was mentioned in interviews. Can we get more precise infos, especially about the "upscaling"? New players could search directly for "high-level" players because otherwise they would make "no progress".
A: We will talk about the sidekick-system later on. What I can say is that it is not our goal to force our players to "upscale" to play efficiently.

4) Are all bosses static? The shatterer did not move a single inch.
A: In a previous part of the event the shatterer is flying, but for the demo we wanted players to see the ground-fight. We will look into how much he can move while on the ground, but the engine has its restrictions.

Guild Wars Extended Experience

1) Do you have to pay a monthly fee for the GW2 app?
A: No

2) Will the GW2 app be available for Android?
A: Yes

3) Will there be something similar for the PC?
A: There will be full support of GWEE for PC.


1) Why did we see so little of Sylvari/Norn/Asura?
A: We are still working on Norn and Sylvari and do not think them as finished as other races.

2) In the demo you could see a necromancer chosing his headpiece. Is this class-specific? Will there be more class-specific items?
A: The only class-specific gear there is, is the one you get through character creation. It does not have any stats but is meant to give every class a different special visual element.

Items (Weapons/Armor/Loot etc.)

1) Does every weapon of the same type have the same range? So every axe has the same range independet of skin?
A: Yes

2) How are commodities (like the sausage) integrated into the game? Are they very important or negligible?
A: They give a nice bonus but are not necessary for normal gameplay.

3) For the demo it was necessary to stand directly to an enemy to see what loot was dropped and to pick it up. Is it planned to keep this system or will we see something userfriendly or even the GW1 system?
A: In GW1 we threw all loot on the ground, which is not possible with our non-instanced world. As I already said we are constantly working on improving our systems and I think I can say that we will see improvements in our loot-system. What they will be I can not say at the moment.

4) How can I use crests? Can you salvage them? Or are they permanent once equipped?
A: Upgrades for Items can be crafted, found, rewarded or bought. You can always replace an upgrade with another, but you can not salvage them at the moment, because we have to somehow remove them from the economy.

5) Do armor-pieces without crests also have attribute-bonuses?
A: Yes

6) You said in your blog that transmutation-stones will be available through the ingame store. Will the players be able to get them through the game?
A: Our philosophy is, that we want players to be able to get items like transmutation stones without paying with hard coin. How we will do this is still in development. We will release further information as soon as we are able to.

7) Can I use the transmutation-stone multiple times?
A: No, every stone has a single use.

8) Will it be possible to dye weapons?
A: No.

Tomorrow I will have some information about PvP for you.
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What? that last question puzzled dyeing weapons???
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