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Old 07-25-2011, 10:37 PM
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Default Some Thoughts on Aiel fighting

Ok, I have some ideas on why the Aiel fight the way they do. This does not include spears because the reason for that is pretty well explained in the books. They can be used for more than just killing people, unlike swords.

1) Covering their faces.

Now this is an important thing for Aiel, as they won't even fight Trollocs with out their Shoufa, but don't care if they are wearing anything else.

The Aiel whom first picked up the spear realized that if the people they were trying to save recognized them it would dishearten them. Also they thought that if no one knew who they were they would be able to stay among their people longer. The easiest way was to convert the head covering that they made for themselves to keep the sun from baking their brains out into a piece they could easily pull across their faces.

This served them well for a little bit until the elders of their people started noticing differences. These differences could be anything like being hungrier, walking differently (just observe anyone who has been trained in the military), sleeping later (as the only time they could train themselves would be at night when everyone else was asleep and night time would be the best chance to get the captured people back), being more alert in new environments, and being more apt to reach for the belt knife I am sure they all carried with them when confronted by danger.

It also helped to make them unknown if they left any survivors, as they knew that the other Aiel would offer them succor if they missed one person. They would not be as easily recognizable when that person was brought into camp.

2) touching means defeat(only when done by another Aiel)

The start of this had to be sometime after the Jenn Aiel had dwindled into near nothingness. The Dreamwalkers and clan chiefs had to realize that their people had become verywarlike and were probably going to end up dying out if they did not do something drastic. so they made it an honorable thing to touch someone in battle and not kill them. With the Maidens this also most likely made it to where they could keep from being too inbred. They would have to ask their clan chief's and wiseone's permission, but it is not unlikely that they would fall in love during this time period. The way the Brotherless treated Faile and the other women shows us that this is not an unlikely thing, especially since there was no major issue if there was not one of Sevanna's wiseones about.

3) Battle Chants

Battle chants are easy. They are ways of showing courage in the face of an opponent especially in what would be the most frightening part of a battle, right before it starts. It is hard not to feel courage when you and your friends are yelling "We're awesome and you suck, so we're gonna kill you all" at the beginning of battle.

This is all I have for right now. I will try to update this as I put more thought into it.
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